Here at teamYES* we like to collect words 🙂 >

we promise* you one word a day from here on in
(*may not be an actual promise)

today’s word of the day is:

POLYHEDRAL \ polyhedral

today [x3]:

EVAPORATE \ evaporate

PROPENSITY \ propensity

STRUGGLE \ struggle

thats all.


ELLIPSOID \ ellipsoid

MULTIVALENCY \ multivalency

AIR \ air


MENISCUS \ Meniscus [the curved upper surface of a liquid in a tube.]

POLYMORPHIC \ Polymorphic


ARCAIC \ arcaic

INTRANSITIVE \ intransitive

SHALLOW \ shallow

LEAF \ leaf


SONOGRAM \ sonogram

CRESPUCULAR \ crespucular

BOINK \ boink

PERPENDICULAR \ Per-pen-dicu-lar

FITCH \ fitch


2 responses

21 08 2007


LIGHTWEIGHT\ lightweight

6 09 2007

lightweight body is impassive, try> substantial variable…

…u know it!

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