teamYES* are based in Dublin, Ireland


If you like what we are about you can contact us at:

or Telephone:

John – 00 353 857260471

Ben – 00 353 851269885

Thanks, the team*


7 responses

22 08 2007

Nice work boys.
Everyone else has a blog so I’m having one too.
I’m gonna try to put lots of work on but at the momemt it’s mostly advertising.
Have a look:

18 09 2007

Hi John and Ben,

loving team yes!! its sooooo cute and colourful!!!!

brigid 🙂

19 09 2007

Came across this a while back and it struck me as your kind of pro-green statement, revolution, activism, bit of a laugh kinda thing. doubt you’ll have time to do it this year with only 2 days or so to set up but keep it in mind for next year. Love the site by the way

1 10 2007


1 10 2007

…but very good and lovely and talented ones…

2 12 2007

thought ye might find some of the bits here interesting………

2 12 2007

and are ye signed up to D.A.T.A..?

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