About teamYES*

designart.artdesign teamYES* is a creative initiative dedicated to expanding the boundaries of artistic process,  visual thinking and multi-disciplinary creativity.  Set up by Designer John Moriarty and Artist Ben Mullen in November of 2006, the team* was established as a way of exploring the possibilities afforded by collaborative work and the cross-pollination of art & design practices.  In an attempt to re-invent the way in which we enjoy and utilize our creativity, teamYES* wish to formulate a positive response to the isolated state of creative communities through artistic collaboration.  teamYES* celebrate creativity as FUN* (a most worthy endeavor) and challenge the boundaries of Art & Design to arrive at a new philosophy of creativity; one whereby there is no seperation of Art or Design, only simply and.  This confluence extends our collective creative intelligence into new and exciting hyper positive dimension, to establish a unique discipline of thought. teamYES* is an idea of creative happiness.  This blog space is a place where we store some of our work, showcase the work of our friends and investigate the work of others, basically things we like and feel that everyone else might be interested in.teamYES*  We also have a collection of photos on flickr.Thanks for taking the time to view this blog, comments are most welcome.teamYES*


3 responses

21 08 2007

lovely land this ye magic makers 🙂

28 08 2007
eoin murphy

We are opposite. i love it.

ben pours beer down the drain!

15 09 2007


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