* YES >

yum! eagle snot
yellow earth sun
you’re easily satisfied
yugoslavians earn silver
ye;;ow elephant singing
yoyoy’s erratic spin
yoga ever simple
you envy satan?
yaks eat soup
you equal shovel
yikes! everyones swimming
you eat sandwiches
yippe! ears snoring
yesterdays’ ever surprising
yes easily surpassed!
yearning enters space
yin – epistemology surrenders!

yesterdays’ ever surprising
you eat soup
yellow eats sun.

yesterday everything sang
yet even somtimes (i know)

Yvonne eats snails

our etymology stinks

yesterdays enlightenment sold

your environment solidified

yokes: everything sacrificed

yonder eskimo ship!

yak enters sunbeam

YES* electric synthesiser

yurt (electronic shutdown)

Yes! Earnest Shackleton

youth equality shortage

young eager saps

yoy-yo experimental system

yin – ear sounds…

Yoshimi elopes safely!

yak ecology serviced


yipee! eveyone sees

You Elipse Subversion

yearning eager sprectrality /~


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