Carsten Holler

19 09 2007

Carsten Holler is an interesting character on the art ‘scene’ at the moment. His formal training is in Entomology, (the study of insects) and primarily, he is a scientist. He started making really interesting art works in the mid 1990’s all located around the theme of altered states of perception or phenomenal experience. Some of his more notable experiments include injecting gallery goers with the same chemical produced in our bodies when we fall in love and a lightwall installation that flashes at a particular frequency, causing the subject to hallucinate in a similar fashion to an LCD trip.


This one – ‘Upside Down Mushroom Room’ – 2000. remids me that it is now Mushroom picking season here in Ireland! teamYES* issue a corporate warning: enjoy resposibly 🙂

Check out Carsten Holler’s most recent installation here. Its a really nice virtual tour of the Turbine Hall in the TATE Modern, London.

More work at:





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