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13 09 2007

The internet is a very strange place. It seems that over the past two days, somebody picked up a design that I did during college off my online portfolio. In no time at all, it was linked on a number of different blogs and spread like wildfire around the interbeast. The funny thing about this whole episode is the comments that people have made on the various sites regarding the design. It amazes me that people actually take the time to think about it – some are good but on the whole they are quite critical/hilarious (which is fully understandable – we knew there was holes in the design from the outset). This was designed with my friend Billy Harney, who it seems has not being mentioned in this whole thing – so here you go, thanks Billy.

Here are some of the funnier comments:

“the end is near… when you find yourself sleeping in nutsacks”

“Contemplate this on the tree of scrotums… I mean woe – the tree of woe.”

“For some reason I could imagine this.. And I laughed so much.. I actually had to calm down so I could regain my breath..”

“Does one confortably float in sack-juice once
entering this “organic dream” ?

“Besides, anyone named Moriarty has to be evil. “

“Is this a joke? If not, you know very little about the needs for emergency survival. “

Weird – JM





2 responses

13 09 2007

that is so weird… I made a really crudoe form of that last year for a sculpture project. I sat in it exactly like that, from the rafters of the studio until it (and I) crashed to the floor. (ow!) It eventually evolved to grounded (safer) version 🙂

OH, jm… should I do product design? I think I’d like to 🙂 hh

14 09 2007

Just saw it on
It’s a winner John.

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