The Royal Art Lodge

5 09 2007

This is a really nice little drawing from The Royal Art Lodge. They were (are?) a group of artists living and working together in Winnipeg, Canada in the late 1990’s. They are one of my favourite groups or |”collectives”|!… , I really like that they work together, employing little creative sessions in the evenings after work and drawing and inventing music together.


Here is a little blurb about their work from Wikipedia (it’s kinda hard to find stuff about them):

The majority of the work produced by The Royal Art Lodge are small-scale drawings and paintings which often incorporate text. The group met for several years once a week to do many drawings each evening. Generally, at least three of the members contribute to each piece of work in a spontaneous response to the previous artist’s work on the page before stamp-dating the work. After a piece is deemed complete, the group then sorts it along with other work made at the drawing session into “good”, “OK”, and “bad” piles, and most of the work produced is never shown in a gallery. The date stamp functions both as a practical means of identifying when the art was made, but also as a unifying feature of the work that indicates the regular meeting process. The process of working relatively quickly on multiple pieces each night means that many of the works retain a simple or naïve quality to them that emphasizes the immediacy of the drawing and painting.





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