Parrot Drone

3 11 2010

Amazing. I want one.

BERG – future media surfaces

3 11 2010

Dancing Legomen

17 11 2009

Fantastic drawings of Legomen from the original patent (1979)

The cloud project

13 11 2009

Great maniacs!

Developments in nanotechnology and planetary-scale engineering point to new possibilities for us to conform the global environment to our needs. These advances combined with a dream to make clouds snow ice cream have inspired a series of experiments that look at ways to alter the composition of clouds to make new and delicious sensory experiences. Using ice-cream as a catalyst for interesting dialogue, the project’s focus is to welcome people into a mobile space that sits outside institutions, letting new audiences experience and imagine emerging scientific developments and their consequences.


13 11 2009

The view above Dublin

The new

26 09 2009

A new project in progress.


16 09 2009


Via Daniel Eatock